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Gone are the days when even modest and less-featured PCs could cost you up to $1000. Wonderful enhancements in the field of technology and innovation have made us competent to improve electronic equipment, and software, and reducing general expenses.

In recent days you ought to even buy first-class best gaming laptops under $500. Isn’t this surprising?  

Hundreds of laptops fall into this category. However, picking the best gaming laptop from the rest is a tedious job especially when it comes to comparison. Don’t worry, I hear what you are saying. I covered your back. 

The ongoing improvement in video gaming now requires ground-breaking laptops to support advanced gaming technologies, super visual UIs, and hot gaming features.

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In this manner, to appreciate a wonderful gaming experience, we need to pick the best gaming laptops that must suit your pocket.

List of Best Gaming Laptops under $500 in 2023

Our professional team investigated the best gaming laptops under $500 for you. They have correlated laptops in several ways – specs, hardware support, up-to-date software support, hottest features, price-wise.

Here is the limited and narrowed-down list of best gaming laptops under $500.

1. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM Gaming Laptop

Are you looking for laptops with HD graphics and classic aesthetics? Acer Aspire is the answer. With the Mac hardware platform and HD LED screens, these babies can sell themselves in the market.

Let’s explore other hidden features of Acer Aspires E 15 E5-575-33BM.

Performance and Memory

Aspire series strive for keeping the performance of their PCs above the average and prices below the average. A Core i3 processor has a capacity of 2.4GHz (Giga Hertz) in the 7th generation board.

Plus, for the average gaming and graphics experience, an Intel Graphic 620 card is inserted.

An Intel 620 Graphics card is useful for smooth performance, displays HD graphics, and averts bulky delays during gaming.

RAM (DDR4 – 4GB) is useful in program executions. It manages certain CPU tasks and helps run the processes. By increasing the capacity of RAM, the total performance of the CPU can be improved. 

Talking about HDD Hard drive flash memory, it has a memory of 1-TeraByte which is more than enough.

I believe it is an immense bonus offered by Acer. The speed, however, is the same as other competitors, which is 5400RPM (word Read Per Minute). 

Portability and Hardware Support

We are going to break down all the insights and figures concerning movability in this unit. The typical display size of Aspire E 15 is 15.6’’ inch which is considered a typical estimated laptop.

Width-wise, it is viewed as a flimsy one having the measurement 10.2 X 15.02 X 1.19 inches.

This thin laptop weighs around 5. 27 pounds (in S.I units its weight is 2.39 kg), again it is an ordinary weighted . 

It accompanies a built-in webcam, having a resolution of 1280 X 720 that backings HDR (high definition Range) with zooming in-and-out qualifications. 

For USB support, it contains 3 different ports: 2 of them are committed to Type-C 3.1 USB; the last one is for 2.1 USB support.

A port of HDMI is available which upkeeps presentations over a large display. Microphones and audio jacks have their own ports. So, there aren’t feeling the loss of any hardware port in the Peripheral gadgets.

Other Considerations

This device support windows 10 and other Linux flavors – Ubuntu, Fedora, Linux mint. It comes in different colors but Obsidian Black is one of the most loved colors for E 15. 


At the point when I am thinking about a laptop with backup support of 12 hours, Aspire E 15 rings the bell in my mind.

Other features like webcam HDR support, core- i3, 7th generation processor, and 1 TB Hard, and all features on this price? I become overpowered.

  • Many ports
  • Long-lasting battery time
  • High definition screen resolution
  • webcam HDR Support
  • only 4 GB RAM
  • Average Aesthetics

I’ll recommend this laptop to all the geeky individuals as they aren’t heading outside of their homes.

2. HP 2019 14″ Gaming Laptop

Choosing a low-priced gaming laptop isn’t a simple undertaking, especially for nerds. Comparing the best gaming laptop is a tedious job.

Latest Hardware support, new software support, internet connectivity, and long-lasting backups –  are some of the components for corresponding when choosing a low-priced best gaming laptop under 500 bucks.

Performance and Memory

A laptop with a typical hard drive takes quite a while during boot-up. This is because Reading instruction from a hard drive takes additional time as compared to a Solid Static Disc, also known as SSD. 128GB (Gigabyte) of flash memory is introduced as SSD in these laptops. 

For fast performance, an Intel Core i3-7100U chip is installed. This processor is dual-core and has the capability of faster processing. 

Performance-wise, these laptops lie in class A. Because the combination of 8GB RAM alongside 128GB SSD and 7th generation core i3 processor makes it an excellent choice.

Portability and Hardware Support

Comparison of portability is crucial when you are traveling with your Laptop from home to college or office.

The typical Screen size of HP 2019 is only 14 inches, while a normal-sized laptop ranges between 14 – 16.5 inches.

Of course, the 14 inches display reduces its net weight. HP 2019 weighs only 4.3 pounds and the product dimensions are 32.4 x 22.6 x 2 inches (W x D X H). 

While talking about wireless and wired connectivity. Interact with google in different ways, 1st, through LAN Ethernet cable, 2nd, through Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth connectivity is useful in tiny data transfer between devices. HP 2019 contains standard wireless communication and Bluetooth technologies.

Numerous ports are accessible for special purposes. There are two ports for USB connections – one for 2.0 USB support, and the other for 3.1 Type-C USB support.

It provides backward compatibility with a 2.0 USB port. Additionally, it supports HDMI and Ethernet services. 

Other Considerations

A built-in window 10 is installed on this laptop. However, graphics support is not enhanced as an LCD is used on screen.

  • Built-in SSD
  • Excellent Performance
  • Soft keyboard
  • Light-weight
  • LCD Screen thus average graphics
  • Short Battery life

1 TB HDD flash memory can be overridden by 128 SSD memory. The design is simple yet decent with a backlit keyboard. 

3. ASUS Chromebook Flip C101PA-DS04 Gaming Laptop

Are you looking for a touchscreen laptop that can be changed into a tablet? Is it accurate to say that you are searching for a laptop that could brace a 360-degree rotation?

The touchscreen of ASUS Chromebook Flip C101PA-DS04 lets you use it in either standard mode, laptop mode, or tablet mode.

It could be switched on right away and goes on for the entire day without worrying about its battery time. 

Performance and Google Play Support

Since it can be used in tablet mode, its display size is typically small which is only 10.1” inches. CPU of a Chromebook is more like a tablet CPU rather than a PC.

There is a Quad-core RK3399 processor installed for short functions and thus the CPU speed ranges up to 2 GHz (Gigahertz).

You can log in to your google play account, download all the games and other apps from the store, and enjoy using these apps. 


Almost all Chromebooks have low memory. It contains only 32GB memory for offline storage, however, for online storage, 100GB memory is available on Google Drive space.

Minimum flash memory requires minimum RAM, therefore, it contains only 4GB of RAM, which is more than sufficient. 

Portability, Shape, and Color

Since it is light-weighted with an absolute weight of 2 pounds. The measurements are w 10.4 x d 7.2 x h 0.6 inches.

It is extremely thin, and light-weighted, therefore, carrying this Chromebook will not be a burden on us. it looks like a MacBook. 

  • Multiple Usage modes
  • Easy note-taking
  • Type-C USB support
  • Glass and Aluminum protection
  • Discomforts typing due to small keyboard size
  • Above average price

Android lovers, may I have your attention? It is one of the best choices for gaming. Hence, the price is rational and the features are excellent. It is worth a try. Cheers!

4. Dell Inspiron 15.6 inch HD Touchscreen Gaming Laptop

Do you want a laptop (not a Chromebook) with the convenience of a touch screen? If yes, then consider this choice.

We should jump profoundly into the matter of facts and check this one of the best gaming laptops under $500.


Dell Inspiron accompanies a collection of cool highlights. However, the touchscreen feature is the coolest one.

Its execution in gaming is astounding as it accompanies an Intel Core i5-7200U mobile dual-core processor that attempts to accomplish a net CPU speed of 2.7GHz. 

An 8GB RAM is introduced, an acceptable volume of RAM for games and day-to-day operations. Thus it is powered by the 7th generation which is awesome for quality computing. 

Booting time has been deducted with the assistance of SSD, as Inspiron accompanies a pre-defined 256GB of SSD.

Graphics and Hardware Support

Dell Inspiron offers features with touchscreen capability. There are 4 USB ports: 2; 2.1 Sported, 2; 3.1 supported.

HDMI port is available for large images on HDTV screens. Intel 620 HD graphics are integrated for gaming. 

Standard wireless and Bluetooth are installed for data sharing. A LAN Ethernet port is dually offered. 


Inspiron is a heavily weighted laptop. Its typical thickness is 0.9 inches and has a total weight of 5.07 pounds. Product dimension is Width 19.5”, Depth 13.7”, and Height 3”. In terms of portability, it is thus not easy to walk with it. 

Other Considerations

Black-colored Inspiron has a pre-installed windows 10 version. You should know that there is no DVD optical drive available.

While in terms of battery, 4 cells of lithium-ion are placed parallel for average backup timing.

  • Fast booting
  • Excellent Performance
  • Reasonable price
  • Average battery life
  • Heavy weighted

This one is the right choice for you if you’re in quest for fast booting & best gaming experience. 

5. Acer Aspire Laptop, 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop

Are you searching for low-priced best gaming laptops under $500 with standard performance? If yes, how about we jump into the highlights?

Performance and Hardware Support

Quad-core chipset is incorporated into ES1-512-P84G from Intel processing which creates a CPU speed of 2.16GHz.

While the memory speed is up to 1600MHz. There is 4GB of RAM introduced yet this can be expanded up to 8GB.

The total number of USB ports is 3 along with HDMI port, Audio & microphone port, and LAN Ethernet port. 2 of the USB ports support 2.0 while the other one support 3.0 USB. 

The battery life of all Acer models is above average. Once the laptop’s battery is charged fully, it will last long for 7 – 8 hours. The capacity of the battery is 3320mAh.

Portability and Connectivity 

The total weight of ES1-512-P84G is 5.29lbs. Its dimensions are: width 15.2”; depth 10.16”; height 1”. The color of this laptop is diamond black and it comes with the default windows 8.1 version. 

It supports standard wireless connectivity and Bluetooth technologies. LAN Ethernet is optional for wired connections. 

Other Considerations

It can be used for light gaming because the specs combination does not support heavy gaming. 

  • Extremely cheap price
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 15.6 LED-lit Screen
  • Below average processing speed
  • Poor resolution

ES1-512-P84G of Acer Aspire does not contain a DVD player. For light usage, this laptop is recommended. Graphics and performance are just okay, so it can’t be used for software development and heavy gaming. 

6. Lenovo Ideapad 15.6″ HD High-Performance Gaming Laptop

Do you need to evaluate the best gaming laptops under $500 and the laptop doesn’t give the impression of a modest one? If yes, Ideapad is a unique choice.

In case you’ve already utilized a Desktop PC for games till now but are not sure which will be the correct replacement. So, this is the perfect replacement with more suitable properties.

Performance and Memory

AMD processor is known for the best gaming experience. This laptop has a quad-core AMD A12-9720P processor having a speed 2.7GHz.

The main memory is above average & its capacity is 8GB having a speed of 1866MHz while the secondary HDD memory is 1TB, which is more than enough for the backup of heavy games. 

Portability and Hardware Support

Dimension and weight are the two main factors while measuring portability. Dimensions are width 14.84 inches; depth 10.20 inches; height 0.39 inches. Typically, the total weight of this item is 5.07 lbs. 

In hardware support, it contains several USB ports that support both Type-C and 2.0 USBs. Along with HDMI, it supports LAN Ethernet cable and a Microphone audio jack. 

Other Considerations

The display uses LED backlight technology with a maximum HD resolution of 1366 X 768, while the image aspect ratio is 16.9.

The capacity of the battery is 30wh which consists of 2cells. Battery backup time is 5 – 6 hours.

  • Outstanding performance
  • Average price
  • Long battery life
  • HD resolution
  • Easily upgradable
  • The old shaped physical design

You may have been looking for a PC that suits your pocket and conveys all the expectations you’re scanning for. 

Ideapad is the ultimate solution. Trust me, none of the PC brands offer this kind of laptop at the minimum reduced possible price.

7. 2018 Newest Lenovo Ideapad 15.6 HD Gaming Laptop

Lenovo is a well-known brand for programming, performance reliability, and the best gaming experience.

Lenovo Ideapad Performance

Lenovo Ideapad Integrated graphics MD Radeon R7 chipset is installed for the classic gaming experience and watching ultra-high-definition movies.

Another feature is that it comes with 8 GigaBytes (GB) of internal memory for multitasking along with 1 TeraByte (TB) of external hard-drive memory for optimized data stashing.

Performance-wise, I am sure that it is not going to disappoint you at any stage. Finger Crossed.

Display and Resolution

The classic display size is 15.6 inches and it has an HD resolution of 1366 x 768. These interface’s traits are helpful for a better gaming experience you can spot enemies easily and it lets you navigate diligently. 

Portability and Hardware Support

Since the size and weight have a direct relationship with portability. Small-sized and less-weighted laptops are easy to move from one place to another and vice versa.

This laptop weighs up to 4.85 lbs with a minimum screen size of 15.6 inches, and slimness is 0.9 inches. A normal-sized laptop is not a burden on your shoulder whilst carrying it from one place to another.

Ideapad contains several numbers of ports – USBs, Microphones, Bluetooth, HDMI, and Ethernet. It has Type-C USB support for data in and out.

However, the remaining 2 USB’s ports are 3.1 which are also backward compatible with USB 2.0.

An HDMI port is available for Projection and large visuals. Other ports are used for microphones, Bluetooth devices, and Audio.

Wireless Connectivity and Ethernet Support

Wireless connectivity does not depend on cable connections. Examples of wireless connections are Internet and Bluetooth connectivity.

Connect your laptop with Wi-Fi and access the internet. However, AC-router provides faster speed than normal bandwidth.

It lets you connect with a wired LAN Ethernet cable. Ethernet has been known for the faster transformation of data between computers.

It has built-in 4.1 Bluetooth installed for synchronization and connectivity functions.

Other Considerations

More to the point, there are some deficiencies. This laptop cannot be pivot at 360 degrees and thus can’t be used as a tablet.

However, the full keyboard concept is palpable as it comes with a numeric (0-9 numbers) keypad.

Talking about battery standby, it contains a battery as the main power source. This laptop comes up with a battery of 1 Lithium for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours of backups.

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Excellent hardware support
  • Light-weighted
  • Reasonable price
  • Average UI resolution
  • Hard-to-use touchpad

Ideapad has everything you need for a gaming experience – AMD processor, Graphics card, and full keyboard for easier navigation and typing.

Before finalizing this one, let’s explore their limitation for a better decision; it lacks in certain aspects: Resolution is not perfect, and its short battery timing sucks too. However, at this price, it is worth a shot. 


In conclusion, finding the best gaming laptops under $500 can be challenging but not impossible. The laptops listed above offer great value for money and provide a decent gaming experience.

When making a decision, consider your specific needs, including desired performance, storage, and portability. With this information, you will be able to find the best gaming laptops under $500 that fits your needs.