Best Laptop for Chemical Engineering Students in 2023

Are you an aspiring engineering student, looking for a multitasking device to handle your workload? Well, there’s no need to worry, as I’ve got you covered with the best laptop for chemical engineering students.

A question might arise in your head, are these laptops different from those, used for other purposes? The answer can be a yes or in fact, a no too. 

Yes because they do have distinctive specifications suitable for engineering students. And no, because they’re still laptops, and can be used for other purposes too. 

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Let’s discuss the distinctive specs and features, a laptop for chemical engineering purposes has to have.

These laptops should have an accurate balance of processors and graphics cards, RAM and other storage options, and battery life. 

List of Best Laptop for Chemical Engineering Students in 2023

Furthermore, they should flawlessly run various software like MS Excel for calculation and graphing design, etc.

So, for your help, I’ve compiled a list of these laptops which will omit your research and save you valuable time.

What to wait for, let’s get onto the products.

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 15″ Touch-Screen

First up for chemical engineering students is a 2-in-1 laptop aka a convertible by Microsoft. It is the 3rd edition of the Surface laptop series, suitable for fulfilling chemical engineering laptop requirements.

Let’s move on to a detailed description of the specs and features which come along.

High-speed Processors

Speedy processors function for saving time to complete a task as fast as possible. These rapid processors are essential for engineering students to finish their work before the deadlines.

Therefore, the Surface 3 performs impressively well for both basic tasks and intense computing work. 

Besides, Microsoft offers equitable service of processors, even so, we could expect better.

Memory Storage

The RAM options it has are, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB and ROM choices include, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

The storage options it provides are sufficient for documenting and saving the databases and files. It also helps with the functioning of engineering software. 

Other than that, it allows you to multitask by saving other data such as media files or if you’d like gaming, then gaming software too. 

Enduring Battery

The long-lasting battery is an evitable aspect of a student laptop as calculating and graphing data can take hours.

So, the Surface 3 lasts for nearly a day without having to plug it in. Its fine-tuning gives tough competition to other laptops of the same budget. 

So, this 15-inch laptop is a worthwhile option for long hours of completing assignments and filling out Excel sheets.

General Specs

Other features include the vibrant and large display screen accompanied by a sleek structure that adds to the portability. The incredibly smooth trackpad and keypad provide students with comfy usage. 

  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast Intel processors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Far too few ports
  • Lacking overall GPU power

However, the lacking is in dedicated graphics and connectivity options having a total of just 3 ports.

2. Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ Laptop

Up next is a lightweight laptop from Razer’s Blade edition of gaming laptops. By the title, you might be thinking, are gaming laptops good for engineering? Well, if they have the features, an engineering student requires, then why not. 

Gaming laptops aren’t just for gaming as they can fulfill your needs by providing excellent speed and massive storage options. So for that, let’s get onto the specs in detail.

High-speed Processors

Other than the bold looks, Razer Blade Stealth offers exceptional graphics and processors. It includes the Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics processor and Intel Core i7-8565U processor for gaming and other purposes. 

Besides providing high-end gaming, it performs exceptionally well for engineering software and databases. 

Memory Storage

The storage options differ for the choices you choose from as the base model has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD. On the contrary, the graphics model offers 16GB of memory, whereas the SSD remains the same.

However, the 4K graphics model stands out having the highest storage with 16GB RAM and 512GB of SSD. 

Nonetheless, both graphics models work best for engineering students as the RAM provided is appropriate for the latter.

Enduring Battery

The Blade Stealth has a balanced power plan and provides a battery backup of somewhat around 10 hours of usage.

The catch here is the battery-saver mode, which ensures all-day performance off a single charge for work and other purposes.

Overall, the offered battery time seems appropriate for this cause.

General Specs

The bold design of this laptop hero’s gaming accents is accompanied by silver finish bezels.

It is lightweight yet doesn’t compromise on quality and durability. It offers excellent graphics and a vibrant screen on crystal-clear display. 

  • Top-notch build quality
  • Runs quietly
  • Solid battery life
  • No keyboard backlighting

Moreover, it has the necessary ports required by students, along with the features mentioned above.

3. AORUS 5 (MB) Gaming Laptop

Now, this one’s a gaming laptop by Gigabyte Stores named Aorus 5. This device, recognized as a budget desktop replacement provides better performance than desktop computers.

Besides all the excellent features, there are a few drawbacks which might hinder your way. Let’s move on to the description to get the know-how of the offered features. 

High-speed Processors

The Aorus 5 comes along with processors that provide an impressive amount of power for operating various software.

It has the latest Intel Comet Lake processor with a speed of 2.6GHz, which comes along with multiple cores and threads.

Its CPU is a multitasking champ for everyday use and heavy-duty processing apps like gaming and engineering software. 

Overall, its processing power makes it on the list of best laptop for engineering students

Memory Storage

The vast storage option it offers is 16GB of internal storage and 512 GB of SSD, ensuring high transfer and downloading speeds.

This storage capacity provides high-end performance and multitasking productivity for students in the completion of their assignments. 

Moreover, it offers rapid loading time being a user-friendly device.

Enduring Battery

As it comes along with high-tech hardware, you shouldn’t expect much regarding the battery backup it has for you.

The Aorus 5 has a battery that lasts somewhere above 5 hours. The backup time may vary according to the screen brightness, and the content played or documented on it. 

However, this lacking may not interrupt browsing but student work completion. 

General Specs

The design incorporates dark-hued chassis made entirely with plastic material giving an unappealing look.

It’s not as lightweight as it weighs around 5 pounds. However, 15-colour backlighting keys are a welcoming design that might appeal to students. 

  • Subtle and sleek design
  • Delivers steady performance
  • Delightful keyboard
  • Not as sturdy as some
  • Weak battery life

Moreover, it has multiple ports for the linkage of your favorite output devices and external memory options too.

4. Acer Swift 3 SF314-55G-78U1 Laptop

Also on the list is an Acer laptop from its Swift edition. While speaking of this high-end brand, you might think, this laptop would be out of your budget. 

Well, you can be right, but maybe next time as this one’s extremely affordable. Furthermore, it has flawless specs, which make it a suitable choice for budget laptops for engineering students. 

Let’s get to know this device in detail.

High-speed Processors

Experts have gone through several tests conducted for the speed and performance of the Swift laptops. They’re pleased to say that this 3rd edition has improved its CPU and GPU performance. 

Incorporated with multi-core processors, it delivers excellent speed for students to notoriously document and graph data. 

Memory Storage

Students require adequate RAM and ROM storage as they need to process and document data and files.

The Acer Swift 3 has an internal storage of 16GB, and the boot drive capacity on the SSD is 512 GB. 

This substantial capacity is a great deal for students regardless of their subject/field. 

Enduring Battery

Backup time is an aspect to look for when students are buying a laptop for their use. The Swift 3 has a battery life that varies from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the content and its working mode. 

This laptop has an amazing battery system it has 6 hours and 12 minutes of performance mode with a balanced power profile.

Another mode is a modest battery saver mode of 8 hours while the power remains unchanged.

General Specs

The design is monotonous whereas the chassis is lightweight, therefore adding to the portability.

On the Swift 3, you will find a pretty good selection of ports on either side. The downward-facing speakers lack quality audio streaming. 

  • Great performance for the price
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Plenty of ports
  • Dim display
  • Budget-laptop design

However, the remarkable thing that happens with the thermal conductivity as it merely makes your laptop warm.

5. Lenovo Legion Y540 15.6″ FHD IPS 144Hz Laptop

There’s another gaming laptop, and this time, it’s by Lenovo. Unlike other gaming laptops, this one’s low-priced and won’t cost you a fortune. 

This Lenovo Legion Y540 comes with an AC adapter, 3 Cell internal batteries, and a quick start guide for your assistance.

Let’s have a look at the features and specifications in the detailed review below.

High-speed Processors

The Lenovo Legion operates on the 9th Generation Intel Core Hexa-Core Processor which offers speeds of up to 2.8GHz-3.80GHz. Moreover, it can have speeds of up to 4 GHz on multiple cores with cooperation from Intel Turbo Boost. 

Furthermore, it can also get 100 MHz faster, the lesser core usage, the faster the speed will be, peaking at 4.5 GHz on a single core. 

Memory Storage

This gaming laptop has RAM options of 16 & 32 GB whereas a dual-drive configuration for SSD & HDD is available.

The SSD storage is up to 1TB, appropriate for student use to allow entry and documentation of multiple data files. 

Side by side, students can enjoy gaming and browsing on this vast capacity device, ensuring an effortless experience. 

Enduring Battery

The battery backup time is where this cheap laptop loses its game. The battery life is a minimum of 3 hours whereas the maximum is only 5 hours. The time depends on the mode of usage as well as the tasks it has been performing. 

Overall, the battery life may suit gaming purposes, but, would result in a glitch for students. 

General Specs

The display is not too appealing as it seems to be monotonous. The chunky bezel design makes it even more uninteresting.

However, the selection of ports is adequate, as it fulfills student requirements for plugging in multiple output devices. 

  • Decent maintenance options
  • Surprisingly good speakers
  • Operates noiselessly
  • Mediocre battery life

Other than that, it is a decent mid-range laptop that’s capable of fulfilling your needs.

6. Dell G7 17 9th Gen Gaming Laptop

The second last on this list is yet again a gaming laptop, and this time it’s by Dell. It stands out as having a 17-inch LED display for high-end gaming, but, there’s no hard and fast rule. 

For students, it might be overpriced as it costs around $2000. Whereas, if looking at the ratings, it secures a whopping 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Let’s check out whether it’s suitable for engineering students or not.

High-speed Processors

It has a Quad-core 9th Generation Intel processor having a speed of up to 4.1 GHz on all cores. This speed is adequate for studying and other purposes. 

Not to forget, this is a gaming laptop that provides gamers with effortless gaming. Subsequently, it’ll work uninterruptedly for student purposes too. 

Memory Storage

The RAM and SSD at 8GB and 128GB are comparatively lower than others. Whereas, the HDD storage at 1TB is sufficient.

The memory being low won’t affect your graphing and documentation unless it becomes overly capsized. It is more than adequate for Excel, computer-aided designs and simulations, etc.

Besides engineering work, it allows gaming and occasional browsing too. 

Enduring Battery

Gaming laptops provide gamers with adequate battery time, just as this one has a battery life of around 8 hours.

This backup time seems substantial for a 17-inch laptop. It’s appropriate for using engineering software and other documentation related to chemical engineering. 

Overall, the battery backup makes it a considerable choice.

General Specs

The large display is acceptable, but it’d be better if it seemed more vibrant. The selection of ports is reasonable as it has almost every port that fulfills student needs. Besides, it has an RGB keyboard similar to the Razer Blade Stealth.

  • Good webcam
  • Excellent gaming and productivity performance
  • Impressive features at the tagged price
  • Relatively high CPU temperatures

However, a minor glitch occurs as it heats too quickly. 

7. Omen by HP 2019 15-Inch Laptop

To conclude the list, we have our last laptop Omen by Hp. We’ve all heard the term ‘less is more’, and I used it here as this fits like a puzzle for the looks and specs of this laptop. 

This gaming laptop is available at a relatively lower price and doesn’t compromise on the quality it provides.

Let’s have a look at the offered specifications.

High-speed Processors

All credit goes to the Intel Core i7-9750H processor with speeds of 2.6 GHz which impressively handles the workload.

The Omen 15, along with its speedy processors, runs multiple software and browsers side by side.

Students won’t face any problems in the completion of assignments and can enjoy gaming as a stressbuster.

Memory Storage

Vast storage capacity omits the need for any external hard drive as students can compile everything in one place.

The Omen 15 has RAM of 8GB while the SSD storage is 256 GB. Assignments and data don’t take up too much space, so this storage limit is sufficient.

However, the engineering software might take up space, and you’ll have to use external storage options.

Enduring Battery

As mentioned earlier, gaming laptops lack a long-lasting battery as they focus on their purpose: gaming. This gaming laptop follows the same narrative as it has a battery life of somewhat less than 4 hours of usage. 

So, this lacking might affect the decision of students to buy it or not. 

General Specs

It has a bright and warm display for clear graphics and visuals. The design speaks of gaming, unlike business laptops, it’s unique and bold.

The built-in webcam works efficiently by providing accurate and detailed footage. Moreover, the selection of ports seems sufficient for an engineering student.

  • Impressive overall performance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Bright, vivid display
  • Below-average battery life

However, the thermal cooling system is where it goes down as it becomes warm too quickly.


As the heading says, we’ve reached the end of the best laptop for chemical engineering students. The above-listed products were my picks which had specs that were fulfilling students’ needs.

Not to deny the fact that a student knows their needs better than we do. So, when getting yourself a laptop, make sure to keep in mind the requirements along with your budget.

I hope this turned out beneficial for you. If so, do let me know.

For now, goodbye!