Maximizing Laptop Battery Life: Tips and Tricks


Similarly, if you notice the yellow battery on iPhone, it indicates that your device is in Low Power Mode. This feature conserves battery life by limiting background activity, automatic downloads, and some visual effects. However, it is simple to turn off yellow battery on iPhone if you prefer your phone to operate at its full potential. Simply go to Settings, pick Battery, and turn off Low Power Mode. Your iPhone will then exit this energy-saving state, and the battery icon will revert to its standard color, ensuring your device is ready for more intensive use without restrictions.

This seamless integration of your mobile and laptop use ensures that your devices are optimized for the best performance no matter where you are. Keep your laptop and iPhone charged and properly configured to support your dynamic work environment.

How to Make Laptop Battery Last Longer: 6 Tips

Modern batteries are strong enough to withstand being left plugged in overnight without significant damage. However, to maintain optimal condition and longevity, it’s still wise to take a few precautions. Here are some top battery optimizers to for laptop battery care to preserve the health of your laptop battery.

1.Stop It From Falling to Zero

The first and most important thing is preventing your laptop from dying completely. Another common topic is whether I should charge my laptop to 100%. No! A full recharge might be as devastating as a standing zero.

You should only let your battery run empty if you wish to swap it out for a new one. As you know, this protects your gadget because fully emptying the batteries will adjust its gauge.

2.Install the Most Recent Operating System

An operating system upgrade not only gives your gadget new capabilities but can also improve performance. It can aid in the programs’ smoother operation, which will help save the power.

Furthermore, new and improved power-saving modes might be added to aid in battery conservation more efficiently. Additionally, a smart charging option that can improve the effectiveness of your laptop’s charges may be included in an operating system update.

3.Unplug any Unused Accessories

People frequently connect many peripherals, such as webcams or external hard drives, for personal use. Even if these items make users’ lives easier and more productive, they also frequently impact various computer power.


The cable would use your laptop’s power even if you were not moving data to your hard drive or vice versa. This indicates that the battery is running low. Therefore, unplug all of your accessories while not in use!

4.Don’t Leave Your Laptop Plugged In

Many experts warn against constantly leaving your laptop plugged in. If a laptop’s battery is kept between 20% and 80%, it will often have fewer cycles than those that are always stuck in. Thus, If you want to extend laptop battery life, you should refrain from fully charging the battery.

5.Install an SSD

Changing your laptop’s hard disk with a solid-state drive can make a big difference. Yes, you read correctly; it implies that your computer will change from a sluggish device to a highly speedy one. You can access files more quickly and complete tasks in less time since your computer will operate faster.

Furthermore, your laptop’s power life will vary significantly because solid-state drives employ flash memory instead of mechanical hard drives, which use far less power to run.

6.Protect Your Laptop from Extreme Weather

Excess in everything is bad, and the same is true for the weather. Extremely hot or cold weather affects not only humans but also machines such as laptops.

Extreme temperatures might make your machine work more, which can cause the average laptop power life to deplete faster, especially regarding laptop battery management. Therefore, it’s better to avoid using your computers in extremely hot or cold environments.

7.Shut Down the Power-hungry Apps

Even when you’re not using them, many apps on your computer drain your battery life rapidly. Without your knowledge, some applications continue to operate in the background.

To learn more about these apps, type “See which apps affect your battery life” into the search box. You can quickly find and terminate these apps even when you’re not using them.


While there are other methods for extending the life of your laptop battery, the seven listed above have proven to be the most effective. If you make active efforts and follow the tips correctly, you can significantly increase your laptop’s battery life.