Blackjack Games at Highway Online Casino

Blackjack, also known as Blackjack, is one of the most popular card games in the world. It holds a firm place in the “classic three” gambling games, along with roulette and poker, and is often offered at casinos both offline and online. At, blackjack is available in all its varied glory, attracting players with its dynamic rounds and the opportunity to win big.

Blackjack is not only about card counting but also about making strategic decisions depending on the current situation on the table and the probabilities. Play blackjack at Highway Casino and plunge into the exciting world of gambling adventure, where your luck can bring you incredible winnings. Strategy, skill, and a little luck are the keys to successful play in this exciting card game.

Blackjack Rules

The rules of blackjack, while universal for the most part, can vary slightly from casino to casino. Each establishment has its minimum and maximum bets and may also change the standard rules to attract more players in a competitive environment. These changes can provide players with more benefits and options.

At Highway Casino, the game of blackjack takes place at a table that has marked rectangles for players’ bets. There are several types of tables with different numbers of boxes, ranging from 7 to 12. This allows not only one player, but an entire group to play at the same time. Each player can bet on several boxes and play several hands simultaneously. All cards are dealt face-up.


The game begins with the dealer dealing two cards to each betting box and one card to himself. Then each player takes turns deciding how to proceed with their cards. The goal of the game is to defeat the dealer by scoring a combination of cards whose point total is closest to, but not exceeding, 21. It is important to note that players are not competing against each other, but rather each competes against the dealer to win on their own boxes.

At Highway Casino, blackjack comes in a variety of variations, from classic to more unique. This can include different numbers of decks, special rules for payouts, and additional stakes and features.

Card Denomination Values in Classic Blackjack

In classic blackjack, each card has a unique face value that determines its value in the game. Here are the basic values of card denominations:

  • Cards from a deuce to a ten are valued at their face value. For example, a deuce would be worth 2 points, a three would be worth 3 points, and so on up to a ten, which would be worth 10 points.
  • The Jack (J), Lady (Q) and King (K) have a value of 10 points each. Thus, regardless of suit, they bring the player the same number of points.
  • The Ace (A) is a special card in blackjack. It can be valued as either 1 point or 11 points, depending on which value is better suited to the player’s current situation. This makes the Ace a very important card, allowing the player the flexibility to manage their point total.

The rules of blackjack are simple: players try to assemble a combination of cards whose point total is equal to or as close to 21 as possible, but does not exceed that number. Players can ask for additional cards (take) to improve their combination, or stay with their cards (stay) if they believe their current total is sufficient to win. By knowing the values of the card denominations, a player can make more informed decisions in blackjack. This game combines elements of strategy and luck, making it one of the most popular and exciting casino gambling activities.

Blackjack Combinations

The blackjack combination is a special and most winning combination in blackjack. This combination consists of two cards: an ace and a card valued at 10 points. Thus, to get a blackjack, a player must get either an ace or a card valued at 10 points at the start, along with an ace.


“Blackjack” is the natural combination that gives the player the highest payout in the game. Typically, the payout for “blackjack” is 3 to 2, meaning the player receives a winnings of half their bet plus the bet itself.

This combination is considered the best, as it gives the player an almost guaranteed win if the dealer does not have the same combination. This is why getting a “blackjack” is considered a successful and desirable outcome for the player.

However, if the dealer also collects a “blackjack”, the players who have this combination are considered to be leveled with the dealer and their bet is returned to them without any winnings. Thus, it is always better for the player to get the “blackjack” before the dealer to ensure maximum winnings and enjoy the thrill of blackjack.