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It is a natural phenomenon that everybody wants to buy the best of the best in everything. The same goes for a laptop. In this era of modern technology and education, a good laptop has become a necessity for everyone to keep pace with the world.

In the technically advancing time, you simply can’t keep up with work with an outdated laptop in your hands. When buying a laptop, specs aside, budget is a very big concerning factor. 

Here in the article about the best laptops with i7 processor, I have brought you competent laptops. Be it price, specs, or the powerful processor, each option will seem better than the previous one to you. 

As another plus point know that, Intel Core i7 works at the same speed as the Intel i9 with most of the same features. So, i7 is quite the right choice for both gaming and animation stuff. 

So, you do not need to break your budget and go for the best laptops with Intel i7 instead of any other high-end processor.

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So, let us begin with the first laptop on the list.


First, Asus Laptops are the leading providers of amazing visuals along with great screen to body ratio. Here you will get a bunch of compatible features, including a various number of ports, and dual 12Volt fan modes for intelligent cooling regardless. Also, the reviews are awesome as far as the gaming is concerned.

You can also buy this piece of intelligence and comfort for yourself if you need to take it to the workplace or do some editing. 

Excellent Built 

In addition to efficiency, the brand expects the upcoming future to be more innovative than needs by offering superior and easy product solutions. It’s a lot for those willing to invest in the best one. It’s a luxurious, heavyweight hybrid, budget-friendly multi-function device.

If you’d like a product that has a wide 15.6 inches display, the laptop is perfect. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed with any investment for this sooner. It’s durable, which increases the productivity of a thousand. It also has an 81% screen to body ratio along with 6.2mm slim bezels. 

Efficient and Stable product 

There are a few modes available for immediate cooling. For optimal performance and great usage, you can switch from silent to turbo mode. This one is powered with 93 blades per each fan that boosts up the flow of air by 13% once you opt for it. 

Moreover, the i7 processor works great with long-term stability and efficiency.

Operating processor 

Besides, ASUS M Thin and Portable Gaming Laptop works with the latest Windows 10 home. Also, it is equipped with an i7 processor that is also the 9th generation. This one is indeed a sturdy piece. 


  • Has great screen quality
  • Provides high performance
  • Budget-friendly as compared to other models


  • The fan may produce noises

2.MSI P65 Creator-1084

For any consumer, MSI laptops are ideal products. The brand has created the most exclusive and recommended 4k HD display after its successful laptop release. Let us review the specifications and features of the product and its solid nature to learn more.

Excellent built

The device is best suited for an extremely fine body and promises to deliver a beautiful long-lived experience. You can do presentations, content, and much more with this product. Don’t worry about the efficiency because the battery life lasts eight hours and doesn’t drain fast. 

The 4.9mm bezel 4K HD display is worthy of mention and at first, the sight looks amazing. The thin screen comes with an estimated 100% RGB color range for you to experience true MSI color technology.

Efficient and stable product

The NVIDIA Studio drivers maintain an innovative and reliable workflow. You can handle 12x faster output, either your workload is much heavy. Job tasks can then be done much quicker since this increases speed. 

Don’t forget your reflection and precise illumination of MSI Ultra-Thin and Light, RTX Studio Laptop as well. 

Operating processor 

It has not only the ability to work with the i7 but also 8K video quality. It has a RED video with REDCINE X-pro, as manufacturers have said. 

Well, it’s indeed in my view the name of the classical style, because the building is confident and simple to use. Say hello to the new virtual universe. The operating processor if concerned is Intel i7.


  • Offers 32GB memory with 1TB storage
  • Has a 4.5GHz processing speed ensuring no lagging issues
  • Has a fingerprint reader


  • Thermals may not work after a while

3.Acer Predator Helios 300

You must listen to great stuff about Acer products, I’m quite certain. It looks divine and has a seamless transition, provided its functioning and the operating system. The brand is known for incorporating quality attributes to every new product it introduces. 

Let’s move to the latest laptop gaming, which certainly has my attention in our list of the Best Laptops with i7 Processor.

Excellent Built

As one of the best at the cheaper price, Acer has your side. I am well aware that you want to have great graphics in killing technology and so I have added this to my list. Well, the display is incredible, but the primary design is reliable as uses GTX 1600 TI graphics. 

The manufacturers are making great efforts to ensure that you are packaged excellently at such a cheap price. The DoubleShot pro-technology also saves you time to try different networks.

Efficient and stable product 

With the 4th Aeroblade Power Fan, the laptop is solid. Also, it offers high efficiency with 4X improved performance for daily use. It’s an appealing choice if you are looking for an affordable and improved streaming solution or just want to use it for work. 

You can easily make a correct choice thanks to excellent compatibility, connectivity, and strong processors.

Operating processor 

The Intel i7 processor and the HDMI port is also available. Surprisingly, there is a mini display port for better performance up to 240Hz. This will cover you due to its USB 3.1, and various other ports. Customize your overall experience with Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop!


  • Offers high graphic
  • Great for storage issues
  • Provides an immersive audio experience


  • BOOT order does not offer any adjustments

4.New Apple MacBook Pro

Equipped fully with a responsive touch ID, a touchpad, inverted narrow keys, and much more, the New Apple Macbook Pro made it easier for you to rely on a single device for years. This one is loaded with efficiency and a great magic keyboard. Also, you will notice escape keys that work by quick switching between various modes. 

The memory is also well managed with a total of 8GB, with a DDR up to 64GB.

Excellent built

Apple devices have no competition whilst talking about consistency. All their laptops and other gadgets are a must if you look forward to investing in a laptop of the highest quality. Moreover, you will benefit from the long-lasting reliability. 

You’re likely to have the most effortless experience with its AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics. In reality, this is a great laptop option for someone who can add or create ideas for innovative ideas to work while out and about. 

Its super-smooth performances and excellent quality of audio make you love it. 

Efficient and stable product 

The machine is smooth and durable. The unbeatable style is of course what makes it unique from the rest of the ones I mentioned on the list. Although the product is quite costly, it is worth spending money on all these features. The performance is unmatchable as well.

You won’t notice any delay and therefore are awestruck. Users can save multiple files without fear with your 8TB SSD storage and 64GB memory.

Operating processor 

Intel Core i7 processor is available in the Apple MacBook Pro. The fact that the latest technology is available to you allows you to enjoy the fantastic 2.5GHz speed. What better than this feature might be? 

Concerning turbo boost, with a speed of 5.0 GHz to this is great.


  • Great battery life
  • Provides better security measures
  • Has powerful and versatile ports


  • Quite pricey

5.Asus ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop

Asus laptops are the ones I can vouch for. With the amazing screen-pad technology and 1TB storage, this one assures to last at least a few years. Also, the ZenBook comes with Windows 10 Pro already installed so you have to do the work too. The one I am discussing today comes in various colors, but Royal blue has to bey fav! 

Excellent built 

The built quality is so great that on a drop test, it hadn’t got any scratches as well. Furthermore, it is made of solid aluminum to work fine even at low temperatures, and high altitudes. 

Together with its 15.6 inches display and wide-view technology, it also has a 92% screen to body ratio. What I want to say is, this one surely can be your next item in the cart.

Efficient and stable product 

Asus has now become of those brands that have worked quite hard to launch its screen-pad. Now whether you need to make a few presentations, doodle a cartoon character, or jot down the notes, you can do it with your hands. Also, it has got an app navigator, with fingertip controlling features. 

There are endless possibilities you can enjoy with Asus ZenBook 15 Ultra-Slim Laptop.

Operating processor 

Not just it’s done yet, the i7 processor is another deal. The next likable feature is the touchpad that has various options for you to try on. From easy access to switch between various modes to quick key settings and handwriting mode, this one has got you covered. 


  • Offers FHD display
  • Has four sides nano Edge design for easy access
  • Instant access to Amazon Alexa


  • Not suitable for gaming

6.MSI GF63 THIN 9RCX-818

When you mention MSI, it’s one of those brands that does not sit back and take advantage of the features already launched. Instead, by the most modern technology, the company still gives the consumer the latest gadget. If you are searching for the best service and better items for work, it is indeed a fantastic pick.

Excellent built 

Not just it is offering an extraordinary display, but this one is there to make the work efficient due to quality construction. Well, the product is made of Aluminium, but with GTX 10 Series Graphics. There you will notice a silver lining that enhances the overall look. 

It dominates the gaming experience mixed with an emotion of great bezel design and immersed style.

Efficient and stable product 

Talking about its screen to body ratio, it is indeed a stable laptop. What’s more, is that the 7-hour long-lasting battery life amazes everyone as the product is cheaper. Overall customer fulfillment and premium craftsmanship are what MSI relies on. 

In terms of preferences and great quality with enhanced efficiency, the MSI GF63 THIN 9RCX-818 15.6″ Gaming Laptop should be your top priority.

Operating processor 

The laptop is fitted with the new Windows 10 Home so you can fulfill all your needs. Its cooler boost 5 is worthy of regular use. The operating system is well versed in its features and offers a smooth user interface if you are curious.


  • Has 256GB storage with 64GB memory
  • The ultra-thin bezel is offered
  • Great for gaming


  • It may get too hot after a while

7.HP Spectre

It is certainly not possible for me to end the article without mentioning HP spectre. Built with an i7 processor, this one is there to vanish all your anxiety and second thoughts regarding investments. The climate pledge friendly product offers a touchscreen with one of a great responsive touchpad. 

Excellent built 

First, its built quality is yet amazing, as crafted by HP. Previous Hp users must be aware of it already, but if you are new, then let me tell you that the brand has earned 5 stars due to premium quality and reliable screen. 

Now that the touchscreen is also available, don’t worry that it may not work after a while, as it comes with a warranty and does the job well. It feels smooth and provides great features with a user-friendly experience.

Efficient and stable product 

Besides, this laptop goes on for years and makes it much more desirable to the buyer when checked. The 13.3 inches FHD screen with a back-lit screen with solid glass makes it much stable. Therefore, you won’t have to invest anytime soon in another laptop. Also, the FHD IR camera is equipped with a dual array to make images much clearer.

 It also gives you a feel more connected to how it works and encourages aspiring ideas. I will advise you to try this one, my friend, you’ll love the results.

Operating processor 

The highly powered i7 processor fuelled up with Quad speakers and gesture support works great. Furthermore, its Bluetooth 4.2 features are mostly reviewed.


  • Various ports available
  • Comes with HP pen
  • Responsive touch screen


  • Not great for gaming

8.LG Gram Laptop

Lastly, LG Gram Laptop has landed here in the list of Best Laptops with i7 Processor, due to extremely recommended specifications and plenty of storage. Also, talking about its hard drive, along with its 17-hour battery life is just beyond amazing. Either you need to work on it for a longer time or just chill binge-watching your favorite show, it’s right beside you.

Excellent built

If you speak about the specification and range of prices, it would be surprising to know that this laptop provides a minimal design, a screen of 17 inches with very high dimensional stability. The superbly designed device with an IPS display helps you to do anything without thinking about its battery. 

The M.2 NMVe SSD performs the task and is much lightweight, so it takes no effort.

Efficient and stable product 

This is the lightest one to date with 16GB of memory and 1 TB of full storage, as stated by the manufacturers. It, therefore, works very well in terms of performance, making it much easier to use. 

This one is highly recommended for someone who is sick of charging the batteries regularly because the battery life is great for 17 hours. 

Operating processor 

Then comes the 10th generation operating processor with a 1080p display. With 4K content, the resolutions are still fantastic. Security is also at your fingertips.


  • Highly Long-lasting battery life
  • Has integrated card description
  • Weighs less


  • Charges slowly


That’s all about the best laptops with i7 processor. By now you are aware of my top picks along with their specifications and best features. Any of you if confused can easily get the New Macbook Pro as it is the one I have been using for the longest time. It will not only last long but there to assist you every time. 

On that note, I am ending the article and hoping you had fun reading it. If you have other options in your mind, list them in the comments section down below. I am curious to know your choices and might end up getting one for myself as well.

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